Corporate Social Responsibility

What is WaterSharing movement?


WaterSharing is the name of FuturAqua Mineral Water Production and Asset Management Plc.’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme.

To promote the fair distribution and to facilitate the strategic position of freshwater resources, our company offers access to its mineral water stocks for shareholders. This programme not only benefits our potential shareholders, but also galvanizes their sense of social responsibility.




WaterSharing is a unique CSR programme in which, quite simply, shares mean water. For every share purchased, investors receive a liter of mineral water, packaged in biodegradable plastic bags, for a nominal service fee. In other words, if you by a thousand shares you are entitled to a thousand liters of our premium mineral water. Under the company articles, each shareholder is eligible to a maximum of 10.000 liters of mineral water a year. You can find detailed information about pick up dates on our website. 


Why bags?


The mineral water packaged for our WaterSharing movement is made of biodegradable plastic bags. These bags have the potential to replace the traditional PET bottles. 

What shall I do with them?


Freshwater is fundamental to all of our futures. The Earth’s purest and safest drinking waters lie secure deep underneath. Its scarcity teaches responsibility. WaterSharing means sharing this very responsibility. WaterSharing is our answer to the world wide water scarcity. The heart of our movement is to more equally redistribute drinking water. Use your own responsibilty to make a change. We encourage you to donate or simply pass along your unneeded water bags.  

Who and where could you help?


In Hungary, almost five hundred cities or 1.5 million people lack access to safe drinking water, that means they drink substandard and often toxic tap water. The toxic levels of arsenic, nitrate, nitrium, bleach, chlorine, led, mercury, cadmium, synthetic drugs and hormones directly contribute to numerous illnesses and health problems. For children, elderly, for schools, crystal clear water is essential. Our WaterSharing programme is designed to reach the very people who need healthy water the most. Charity organizations, homeless shelters, hospitals, just to name a few places where your donations could make a tremendous difference.

What happens with the remaining water bags?


In our continuing efforts to ensure that our waterbags reach those in need, the bags which are not picked up by their owners until the end of the year, are automatically donated to charities of our choice. We annually publish the  list of donatees, given the consent of both parties.